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  • Aug 12
    Contact Sabrina at sabrinaricci.com


    profileHello! My name is Sabrina and I like to experiment with digital technologies in the publishing world. I’ve got an obsession with (e)books, dinosaurs, bad grammar, and amateur photography. And of course writing about everything. Please enjoy!

    The Blog

    The goal of Digital Pubbing is to cover interesting publishing startups, highlight indie authors and their books, and be a resource for people who want to learn more about e-books and self-publishing. I also like to write about industry news and trends, and sometimes I’ll throw in a quirky science or grammar-related post. Generally I post two times a week, and in addition to this blog, I have a sub-blog that is basically a compilation of handy self-publishing/digital/e-book/writing jobs bookmarks and I offer ebook conversion services.

    Here are some of the more popular topics and blog posts:


    1. EPUB3 Read Aloud Code
    2. The New Kindle Format (KF8)
    3. Using Pressbooks to Make E-Books
    4. An Explanation of E-Book Formats
    5. 4 Big Reasons to Create Your Own E-Books
    6. Reading E-Books, for Beginners

    Self-Publishing (Marketing, Design, Distribution, Editing, Funding, Writing, and More)

    1. Interview on Scribd: Getting the Word Out
    2. Marketing Tips for Self-Published Authors
    3. Why Traditionally Published Authors Are Going Indie
    4. Self-Publishing E-Books: Why Maximizing Distribution Matters
    5. Smashwords: An Upgrade to Help Indie Authors Sell Better E-Books
    6. Freebie Strategies for Indie Authors

    Industry News/Trends/Webinars

    1. BookVibe: A Natural Recommendation System
    2. Webinar: Unlocking the Power of HTML5, CSS, and Javascript
    3. Writers, Readers, Publishers: Present Tense, Future Bold #3
    4. New Ways to Read
    5. Trends in Publishing Part 1
    6. Trends in Publishing Part 2
    7. Trends in Publishing Part 3

    Books (Interviews/Reviews)

    1. KYS Realm and Transmedia, the Future of Storytelling
    2. An Interview with Chris Allen
    3. E-Book Review: Two

    Or if you’d prefer, you can check out the Site Archives for a list of all the posts by month and by category.


    I like to travel, write, and make e-books. So far I have self-published two e-books, The 13th Cycle and How to Create Your First E-Book. Like many other authors, I have been writing stories for as long as I can remember. I still have the writing bug and intend to churn out more books soon, including a few children’s stories and more e-books in the How to Create E-Books series–which is intended to help self-publishers take even more control over their work and hopefully save themselves some money. You can see my progress on new books at my author website here. Even though I publish digital books, you can read e-books on pretty much any tablet, phone, and laptop or computer. Some free programs include Adobe Digital Editions, Azardi, EPUBReader in Firefox, and Kindle Reading Apps.

    Though I started off as a journalist at UC Santa Barbara, with a B.A. in Communication and a minor in Professional Writing, I have since transitioned into book publishing and earned a M.S. in publishing from New York University and a creative writing certificate, emphasis non-fiction from the University of California, Los Angeles, Extension program.

    In 2012 I was the recipient of the Oscar Dystel Fellowship. I was also the co-founder and publisher of FictionBrigade, a micropublisher of flash fiction ebooks. FictionBrigade’s ebook “Espresso Fiction” is an award-winning finalist in the ‘E-book: General Fiction’ category of The 2012 USA Best Book Awards, sponsored by USA Book News.

    And I have worked and written for a variety of publications, including LIFE.comNoozhawkSanta Barbara MagazineYahoo! Voices, Demand Media and Examiner.com. Additionally, I have worked for publishing houses such as Random House, Simon & Schuster, NBC Publishing, and The Experiment Publishing, and written for Scholastic’s Storia and FarFaria. More recently, I worked on a startup Write or Read, an ebook subscription site that provided metrics and insights to self-published authors.

    Currently I teach courses on Udemy and Skillshare about how to create e-books (basically expanding upon my series), and I am the co-producer/dinosaur enthusiast of the podcast and website, I Know Dino.


    For more information about me as a writer/author, check out sabrinaricci.com. I get really excited about trying out new sites, so you can see in the right hand sidebar a list of pretty much everywhere you can find me online. You can also connect with me here:


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