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  • Historical fiction book reviews

    Ebook Review: The Art of Love

    by Sabrina Book Reviews
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    The Art of Love is a romantic, intriguing work of historical fiction. A.B. Michaels deftly portrays a couple made for each other, though each has to endure hardships and heartbreak before they find each other. The main characters are August Wolff, a self-made man not afraid to do hard labor to get what he wants, […]

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    Ebook Review: The First Sunday

    by Sabrina Author Interviews
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    In addition to receiving a review copy of the ebook from the author, I interviewed R.J. Berry about her work. Read through the full post to learn about her inspiration, advice for indie authors, and future plans. From the very first sentence, it is clear that R.J. Berry has a deep love and respect for her […]

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    Ebook Review: Seeing Colette

    by Sabrina Book Reviews
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    As I was the ebook converter for this novel, I’m glad to review it. Seeing Colette is a beautifully written novella, with lyrical prose that provides vivid imagery. Every paragraph is pretty to read, such as this one from Part One of the book: As she spoke, he imagined a stone thrown into glistening water and could […]

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    Book Review: Eromenos

    by Sabrina Book Reviews
    Eromenos by Melanie McDonald

    Eromenos is Melanie McDonald’s debut novel, and it is beautiful. I had the pleasure of meeting Melanie at this year’s BEA, and she gave me a signed copy of her book, which includes a map of the Roman Empire during Hadrian’s rule in 116 A.D. The story is about Antinous, a Greek boy, and his relationship with […]

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