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    RedShelf: Affordable E-Textbooks

    by Sabrina EBooks
    Thumbnail image for RedShelf: Affordable E-Textbooks

    RedShelf is a platform that allows students to access e-textbooks. The company started in June 2010, when the co-founders Tim and Greg were asked by a professor to create a digital course packet. They developed the e-reading technology while still in college, and started forming partnerships with campus bookstores. Now RedShelf has more than 160,000 […]

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    Love and Care Pop-up Bookstore

    by Sabrina Photography
    Pop-up Bookstore

    Gotta love the holiday season. New Zealand publisher PQ Blackwell opened two LOVE AND CARE pop-up bookstores in Manhattan. Today, a friend and I explored the one in the Meatpacking District, on 344 W 14th Street. The store is open seven days a week, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., until the end of December (or possibly […]

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    Inside Barnes & Noble

    by Sabrina Publishing
    Barnes & Noble

    Last week I got to go to Barnes & Noble before the store opened and listen to two of their book buyers discuss how they decide which books to buy for which stores across the nation. Not going to lie, it was pretty sweet (even if I did have to be out of my apartment […]

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    Benjamin Franklin, Publisher

    by Sabrina Publishing
    Benjamin Franklin exhibit

    Yesterday I went to the Bowers Museum in Orange County, CA to see the Benjamin Franklin Exhibit. On display are 75 artifacts from Franklin’s life, in honor of what would be his 300th birthday. I went with my parents as part of a Christmas present to my dad, and while there, I discovered some interesting […]

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    The Future of Publishing, According to Richard Nash

    by Sabrina Future

    Today in my Interactive Media class, we had guest speaker Richard Nash. Nash, former publisher at Soft Skull, is now launching a start-up company, Cursor, which is a social approach to publishing. Anyway, he was a very interesting speaker, so I’d like to share some of his thoughtful quotes. “Of all the media, games and […]

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