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    Making the Most of Twitter Chats

    by Sabrina Ricci Future
    Thumbnail image for Making the Most of Twitter Chats

    I’ll admit, I’m not as active on Twitter as I probably should be. It’s all very immediate, and I’m much more comfortable with blogging and emailing, and things where I can take my time. But I recently heard about a creative way that makes conversations on Twitter last longer, and I think makes Twitter chats […]

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    Promoting Books With Social Media

    by Sabrina Ricci Information
    Thumbnail image for Promoting Books With Social Media

    Social media is a big part of book marketing, and it’s interesting to see how many different tips people offer for all the social networks. Wishpond created an informative infographic that shows most customers (from social media) come from Facebook and LinkedIn. The Book Shepard recently posted a guide for the best and worst times to post […]

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    NYU Media Talk: Social Content, What’s Working? What’s Not? What’s Next?

    by Sabrina Ricci Future

    Last night’s NYU Media Talk was informative, and one of the most entertaining talks I’ve attended. The topic was on social content, and how social media affects publishing. It was moderated by New York Times Media Equation columnist David Carr, chief strategist and editor-at-large for WaPoLabs Rob Malda, editorial director for Flipboard Josh Quittner, and editor-in-chief […]

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    Tracking Twitter at the New York Times

    by Sabrina Ricci Publishing
    New York Times, Tracking Twitter

    When I think of The New York Times, I do not think of technology. Yet, the newspaper has a sophisticated Research and Development Lab, which has been finding new ways for the company to make money in the digital age. I had the opportunity to tour the R&D Lab a few weeks ago, and now […]

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    The New York Times

    by Sabrina Ricci Future
    New York Times

    For an NYU field trip, I got to see all the cool stuff the New York Times research and development has been working on. For confidentiality reasons, I can’t say what they are doing, but if there is an NYU blog post about it, I’ll link it here. But that doesn’t mean the New York […]

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    Today’s Twitter Trend: Comic Sans Criminal

    by Sabrina Ricci Musings
    Comic Sans, Twitter

    Since Twitter’s transformation earlier this year, it has become more and more of a news source (New Twitter Completes Its Transformation into News Source). And it is probably where I get 1/3 or so of my information these days. Today’s top trend is Comic Sans. Click on the image above; it’ll take you to an entertaining […]

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    Twitter is Taking Over My Life

    by Sabrina Ricci Marketing

    That’s not a terrible thing. I am, after all, in a graduate publishing program and Twitter is a huge part of marketing these days. But finals week starts in T-minus 6 days, and instead of hitting the books, I’ve been tweeting. Not that procrastination is new to me, but usually right about now is when […]

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