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  • Mar 13

    What’s Going on With Readers Today?

    by Sabrina

    A while back, Goodreads asked publishers what questions they would like to ask readers. The results of the Goodreads survey from December 2012 are now up, and there are some interesting finds. I do wonder, however, how accurate these findings are. Yes, Goodreads has a huge base of readers, but the ones who decided to answer this survey may be more avid readers than most. Just my thoughts on it though–the results are still very valuable to publishers and authors.
    Here are some of the highlights:
    • 73% of those surveyed say they shop around for the best price (meaning platforms don’t matter)
    • 83% of those surveyed say they look for what else the author has written once they finish a book (so it’s important for authors to have written multiple books)
    • Most people learn about new books via word-of-mouth (friends)
    • A fair number of people read books on their cell phones
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